Our Doctors

Dr. Ibrahim Omar

  • Endodontic expert
  • Excellence in laser from the Qatari Ministry of Health
  • Masters in Conservative Therapies (Endodontics, The Sunna Formulations, Cosmetic Fillings, Biomaterials)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Conservative Treatments, Training Laser Fellowship, University of Geneva, Italy
  • BDS, HDD, MSc in Endodontics, FPD, OPR.
  • LASER fellowship, Genova University Italy
  • Diagnoses tooth pain and performs root canal treatment and other procedures relating to the interior of the tooth. In many cases, a diseased tooth can be saved thanks to our specialist!
  • When it comes to relieving your dental discomfort, Dr, Ibrahim gets you feeling better and back to work comfortably on the same day!