Prosthodontics is the dental specialisation concerned with the design, manufacture and fitting of replacement teeth, including dentures, crowns, dental bridges and dental implants.

At Madina dental Center we offer Full Mouth Rehabilitation, , for patients whose teeth are worn or broken, and/or who have multiple missing teeth. Full Mouth Rehabilitation uses a range of treatments to restore and replace damaged and missing teeth. This could involve crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, white (tooth-coloured) fillings, bridges and dental implants, as well as treatments including root planing, soft tissue grafting and bone grafting as we are a polyclinic with experts in many fields of dentistry, all this is carried out under one roof with no onward referral.

By combining a range of treatments, it is possible to create a highly natural look, making you proud to show off your smile again, as well as giving you back the ability to eat a full and balanced diet, thus benefiting your overall health