Dr. Anas Al Hallak


A specialized dentist who deals with the replacement of missing teeth and related mouth or jaw structures by bridges, dentures or prostheses.

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Dr. Ahmed Sarwat El Hadad


His expert training, perfected techniques and superior technologies ensures you get the highest quality care with the best results. Your natural teeth are worth saving!

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Dr. Abdulkhalik Bakir

Oral Surgery

Professionally trained to perform guaranteed and safe oral surgeries like: Impacted wisdom teeth, Gum graft, Tooth implants, Maxillofacial surgery, Root canal, Jaw and teeth repair following an injury

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Dr. Nadine Mahmoud

Aspire – Garrafa

Experienced in all kinds of orthodontic treatment (Metal- Ceramic – Aligners), and using Laser in orthodontics treatments.

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Aspire Branch

Address: Madina Dental Center, Aspire, Doha Qatar

Phone: +974 44606211, 50323903, 44606212

Email: info@madinadental.com