Our Doctors

Dr. Bassem Shoaeb

General Dentist
  • Damascus University Diploma in Dental Aesthetics from the British Academy of Cosmetic Aesthetic
  • Implantology Excellence in Lasers from Qatari Ministry of Health Diploma,
  • British Academy of Implant & Restorative Dentistry (BAIRD)
  • Expert in Endodontic and Apical Pest Distinction in Laser from Qatar’s Ministry of Health
  • Masters degree in Conservative Treatments (Endodontic Treatments, Dental Constructions, Cosmetic Fillings)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Conservative Therapy and Training Laser Fellowship from University of Juneve from Italy BDS, HDD, MSc in Endodontics, FPD, OPR.
  • Laser fellowship, Genova, University Italy, Nerve treatments – root lesions treatments – cosmetic fillings – teeth fixtures – teeth whitening – laser treatments
  • Dr Shoaeb performs dental cosmetology – Hollywood smile – veneers – dental fixtures – cosmetic fillings – teeth whitening – laser treatments
  • He’s always here for you whether it was for simple check-ups, cleanings and preventative care, or when having extreme pain from a tooth problem, that requires ongoing work and procedures in order to make you feel better.